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The Evolution of TechMark

During the late 1970s, Robert Eng, Executive Director of the Asia Institute at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA, developed TechMark based on many years of teaching and industrial experience. In 1978, Dr. Eng first presented TechMark to the coffee industry. Today, TechMark has become the executive training program of choice for many leading multinational organizations, including Siemens, Sony, Intel, Fidelity Investments Employer Services Company, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, the Beijing Guohua Electric Power Corporation, and more. The growth of TechMark is due to continuous evolution resulting from a deep understanding of changing market needs and conditions.

TechMark Milestones

1978: TechMark welcomed its first executive learners by invitation of General Foods Company, which then was a leading consumer packaged food products company in America. Initially, TechMark was used to train sales managers and marketing executives of General Foods’ coffee subsidiary company. Because of the remarkable results of the program, General Foods had sales employees from many of its corporate divisions trained by TechMark.

1982: TechMark became the training program of choice for Digital Equipment Company, which at the time was the second largest computer manufacturer in the world. 250 sales and marketing managers received training. As a result of this large-scale training, TechMark gained greater market recognition and was widely adopted by several multinational companies.

1984: TechMark provided training for Sony's senior managers in the US. For Sony, TechMark was modified to reflect the challenges of fast moving consumer goods marketing.

1999: TechMark was used by Lucent, the well-known telecommunications equipment provider, and Intel, the world’s largest computer chip manufacturer, as an annual onsite executive training program.

2000: TechMark was chosen by Siemens as a vehicle for its S3 management development programs for senior managers worldwide.

2001: TechMark was adopted by Fidelity Investments Employer Services Company as a training program for its global investment program managers and analysts.

2001: TechMark was selected by Infineon Technologies as a capstone module for its nine-month Global Managers Development program.

2001: TechMark was used for the first time in China at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.

2003: The first TechMark program was custom designed for a Chinese company.

2005: A Japanese-language version of the TechMark Business Acumen program was developed.

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