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What is TechMark?

TechMark is a dynamic learning experience designed — and proven — to help companies create a strong and sustainable competitive advantage. One of the first all-computerized commercial simulation programs in executive education, TechMark combines concepts, techniques, and processes to change the way executives think.

Creating top performers

While there are many executive training programs available, most focus on just one aspect of business, such as leadership, teamwork, or accounting. TechMark combines all the key aspects of a company into an exciting simulation that bridges the gap between educational theory and business reality. Simply put, TechMark is real-time learning that yields real-world results.

TechMark focuses on the processes and basic principles behind how executives learn. For more than 20 years, the TechMark curriculum has evolved to reflect what is important to global businesses — using core concepts that are universal to all organizations.

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