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Learning in real time

Keeping pace with the volatile global business environment, TechMark offers a portfolio of high intensity two- and three-day programs. TechMark is built around an ever-evolving computer simulation through which executives learn how all business aspects are interwoven — and act accordingly.

Typical participants

TechMark participants typically range from mid-level executives and heads of departments and business units to presidents and CEOs. Our students come from all geographies and industry segments — including manufacturing, financial, utilities, and services companies.


Business Acumen: Maximizing Return on Investment

This flagship TechMark course has been delivered to organizations in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Business Acumen is a cross-functional, integrative, and competitive exercise focused on collaborative learning and strategic and operational decision-making. You can use Business Acumen as a standalone program, or as an introductory or ending segment of a long-term executive training program.

Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The flow of money affects every department in your organization. Yet few managers have formal training in the principles of accounting and finance. This program has been specifically designed to help non-financial managers expand their financial knowledge so they can maximize the performance of their business groups.

Building and Managing Project Teams for Creativity and Innovation

Although some work in today’s organizations is accomplished individually, success is usually achieved through collaboration. Increasingly, employees are required to work in virtual teams that span multiple locations and communicate in both real-time and non-real-time environments. Through this course, executives will learn how to achieve creativity and innovation by effectively building and managing teams — wherever the team members are located.

Soon to Be Released! Service Business Management

The global economy is increasingly dominated by service businesses. Service Business Management will be released in September 2005 as a service industry version of our most popular Business Acumen simulation. In addition to the essential functions of business such as marketing and finance, Service Business Management covers issues distinctive to services such as customer satisfaction, capacity utilization, service quality, and customer relationship management.


In response to requests from clients around the world, TechMark is now offering a special service of custom programs, in which the training programs are designed and developed according to each company’s own management style, corporate culture, industry, and competitive environment. Have a special need? Let’s talk about it.

What happens in the TechMark World?

Real-world Learning:

Research shows that participants of a training program in a simulation and competitive form have a visual cognition as high as 70–90%. In TechMark, the participant becomes a member of a decision-making team of a virtual company and makes decisions based on a large number of factors.

Computer Simulation:

Unlike other simulation programs, TechMark presents a dynamic economic system that simulates a realistic market environment. In the program, just as in reality, the macro economic environment, competitor strategy, and client behavior modes change all the time. Through an innovative and advanced simulation, participants consider the influence of corporate financing on the market, consumers’ purchasing behavior, the interaction between competitors’ pricing and the market, and the different position of creditors and stockholders on business operations.


TechMark enables the participant to be thoroughly acquainted with the mind-sets of different levels of management in the company. The class is divided into teams that compete against each other. Teams integrate what they learn by establishing a strategy, implementing that strategy, planning specific tactics, and assessing the success of the strategy by comparing forecasted performance with actual results.

Team Interaction:

All participants are actively involved in group discussions. Professors pay close attention to each participant and choose a method of teaching according to the different characteristics of each participant. All the trainers of TechMark are highly skilled in controlling the rhythm of the class and guiding each participant to consider all the issues before making a decision.

Dynamic Learning Materials:

TechMark’s professionally-designed diagrams and charts bring theories and concepts to life and make concepts much easier to understand. By working with these graphic materials, participants gain a deeper understanding of what they have learned. This unique and effective interaction helps participants integrate their practical knowledge and experience with what they have learned within the shortest period of time.


In the TechMark world, participants are encouraged to take risks and try whatever business strategy they choose. After analysis, calculation, and forecasting — whether the result is an achievement or a disappointment — the experience is always coupled with excitement, anxiety, reflections, and pride. Through team-based competition that connects participants, friendships often form. In the TechMark world, there are no absolute victories or defeats, but the endless joy of exploration.

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